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Version: 2.1.1 File Size: 5.85
Developer: TVC Gallery Requires Android: Android 4.4 and up
Update: 4 Sep, 2021 Price: Free Download
Rate Stars: 4.2 Ratings Get it On: Google Play Store


A Super fast gallery with cool 3D styles, PIN lock for hidden albums and best innovative display. 3D gallery app is a mobile application that allows users to view and interact with 3D models or artworks in a virtual gallery-like environment. It provides a unique way to showcase and explore three-dimensional objects or designs using the capabilities of modern smartphones or tablets.

>Here are some features that a typical 3D gallery app may include:

3D Model Viewing: The app enables users to import and display 3D models or artworks in various formats such as OBJ, FBX, STL, or glTF. Users can rotate, zoom, and pan the models to view them from different angles.

Virtual Environment: The app creates a virtual gallery space where users can place and arrange multiple 3D models. This environment may simulate a real art gallery or offer a customized setting.

Lighting and Shading: The app incorporates lighting effects to enhance the visualization of 3D models. Users can adjust the intensity, color, and direction of lights to create different moods or atmospheres.

Interaction and Navigation: Users can navigate through the virtual gallery using touch gestures, such as swiping or pinching, to move between different areas or exhibits. They can also interact with the 3D models by tapping or selecting them to access additional information or options.

Annotations and Descriptions: The app may provide a feature to add annotations or descriptions to individual 3D models. Users can attach text, images, or audio notes to provide context, details, or artist statements.

Social Sharing: Users can share their favorite 3D models or screenshots of the virtual gallery on social media platforms or with friends via messaging apps. This allows for easy dissemination of artwork and facilitates discussions or feedback.

Slideshow: Play slideshow of gallery photos instantly in a high quality slideshow. Set to the background music for slideshow from gallery settings.

Gallery Features

  • Auto-style to change on position & orientation change of device.
  • The Start browsing photos in gallery where you have left last time instead of starting again from first image
  • Folder Exclude & Restore
  • Folder Hide & Unhide with PIN lock
  • Set any image as Background
  • Configurable Auto Hide Action bar
  • Customize from the gallery settings
  • Play video as Hologram Video
  • Play video in VR-mode

Note: Delete will not work on SD Card for 4.4 OS due to system restriction.

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