How to make animation video on android – Free Create whiteboard videos

Version:7.0.6File size:37MB
Developer:BenzveenRequires Android:Android 5.0+
Update: 2022-11-27Price:Free Download
Rate stars:4.1 RatingsGet it on:Google Play Store

Benime Whiteboard is a video maker app that allows users to create whiteboard animation videos on their mobile devices. With this app, users can create videos that feature hand-drawn style illustrations and text, with the appearance of being drawn on a whiteboard.

New additions:
1. Text to speech
2. Different motion slide animation to the object.
3. Custom image and color to the board background.

Benime Whiteboard includes a range of features to help users create professional-looking whiteboard animation videos, including the ability to import images and audio, add text and captions, and customize the appearance of the whiteboard and drawings. Users can also choose from a variety of pre-designed templates to help them get started with their videos. Benime Whiteboard is available for download on the Google Play.

Key features:
1. Modern user interface and simple design.
2. Inbuilt video assets.

3. Add background music and voice over.
4. Choose different hands.
5. You can import custom SVG, animation and images from local storage.
6. Support animated GIF images.
7. Instant preview feature.
8. Offline the video rendering to support up-to 1080 pixels
9. Customize text style, size, color & alignment.
10. Apply the background color and image to the page.
11. You can the create with any number of videos without any limitations.

Whiteboard animation video makers are tools that allow users to create videos in which a hand or stylus appears to draw or write on a whiteboard or other surface, often while accompanied by narration or other audio. Here are some common features that you may find in a whiteboard animation video maker:

Drawing tools: Most whiteboard animation video makers include a range of drawing tools, such as pens, markers, and brushes.

Pre-drawn images: Some whiteboard animation video makers include a library of pre-drawn images that users can insert into their videos.

Audio recording and editing: Many whiteboard animation video makers allow users to record and edit audio.

Text and captions: Some whiteboard animation video makers include tools for adding text and captions to videos, which can be useful for conveying information or adding emphasis to certain points.

Video templates: Some whiteboard animation video makers include templates or pre-designed video styles that users can customize to create professional-looking videos more quickly.

Choose a template or design: Many whiteboard animation video makers include templates or pre-designed video styles that users can customize. You can choose a template that best fits your needs or create a video from scratch.


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