Best Mobile Live Streaming App : Prism Live Studio Tutorial

Version: 3.6.9 File size:  32.94MB
Offered: NAVER Corp Requires Android: Android 5.0 +
Update: Apr 4, 2023 Price: Free Download
Rate stars: 4.0 Get it on : Google Playstore 

About this app:

PRISM Live Studio was a popular mobile app used primarily for live streaming, particularly for content creators on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming. PRISM Live Studio allowed users to create and broadcast live streams, interact with their audience, and add various overlays and effects to their streams.

Features and functionalities of PRISM Live Studio:

  1. Multi-Platform Streaming: PRISM Live Studio supported streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously, making it convenient for content creators who wanted to reach a broader audience.
  2. Live Chat Interaction: The app offered tools for interacting with the live chat and engaging with viewers during the stream, such as chat overlays, emoticons, and other interactive features.
  3. Real-Time Editing: Content creators could add various real-time effects and overlays to their streams, including stickers, text, filters, and animations, enhancing the visual appeal of their broadcasts.
  4. Game Streaming: PRISM Live Studio had features tailored for both game streaming and IRL (In Real Life) streaming. Game streamers could use the app to capture their gameplay and add overlays, while IRL streamers could use it for vlogging or streaming other non-gaming content.
  5. Screen Sharing: The app allowed users to share their device screens, making it useful for not only gaming but also tutorial or tutorial-style streams.
  6. Stream Recording: PRISM Live Studio often included the option to record streams, which could be useful for archiving content or repurposing it for other platforms.
  7. Monetization Options: Many streaming platforms integrated features for donations, subscriptions, and monetization, allowing content creators to earn income from their streams.



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