Clap to Find My Phone App Kaise Use Kare | Find to Clap My Phone App Review

Version: 17.8 File size:  21MB
Offered: Background Changer, Eraser & Booth Photo Editor Requires Android: Android 5.0 +
Update: Jun 2, 2023 Price: Free Download
Rate stars: 4.3 Get it on : Google Playstore 

App description:

“Clap to Find My Phone” apps that you might find useful.

  1. Find My Phone – Whistle & Clap: This app not only responds to claps but also to whistles. It offers additional features like flashlight control and customizable sensitivity settings.
  2. Clap to Find Phone: This app uses sound detection to trigger an alarm when you clap. It allows you to adjust the sensitivity level and provides a variety of alarm sounds to choose from.
  3. Find My Phone – Clap to Find: This app lets you find your phone by clapping or by sending a text message. It also offers the option to set a custom alarm sound.
  4. Clap Phone Finder: This app not only helps you locate your phone using claps but also includes a motion detection feature to trigger the alarm when the phone is moved.
  5. Whistle Phone Finder: Similar to a clap, this app responds to whistles to help you locate your phone. It includes settings to adjust sensitivity and customize the whistle sound.
  6. Clap to Find Phone Location: This app not only helps you locate your phone with claps but also provides the ability to track its location using GPS.
  7. Clap Phone Finder – Flashlight: This app combines the clap-to-find feature with a built-in flashlight, making it convenient for finding your phone in the dark.
  8. Whistle & Clap Find Phone: As the name suggests, this app responds to both whistles and claps, increasing your chances of locating your phone when needed.
  9. Clap To Find My Phone: Phone Finder: This app offers customizable settings for sensitivity and alarm sound, along with an integrated flashlight for added functionality.
  10. Clap To Find – Find Phone by Clap: This straightforward app triggers an alert when it detects clapping sounds, helping you locate your phone in your surroundings.

Features of this app:

# find lost phone by clapping

# Select any ring to find your phone

# Flashlight strobe/signal with more settings options

# Set battery level for flash notification

# Time setting for DND mode

# Caller Name Talker System

# All your SMS content speaks aloud

# set the pitch of the speech sound

# More security settings for phone security

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