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Version:5.30.7File size:29MB
Developer:ArloSoftRequires Android:Android 5.0+
Update:Jan 30, 2023Price:Free Download
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MacroDroid – Device Automation APK Review

Macrodroid is an automation app for Android devices that allows users to create custom macros, or sets of automated actions, that can be triggered by certain events or conditions. The app includes a variety of pre-built templates for common tasks, such as turning on or off Wi-Fi, adjusting volume settings, sending text messages, and more.

Users can also create their own macros using the app’s intuitive visual editor, which allows them to specify triggers, actions, and conditions using a drag-and-drop interface. Some examples of triggers include receiving a text message, connecting to a Bluetooth device, or opening a particular app. Actions can include things like sending a text message, changing settings, playing audio, or launching an app. And conditions can be used to specify when a macro should or should not run, based on factors like time of day, battery level, or location.

  • Reduce with battery drain (dimming your screen and switching Wifi off)
  • Saving on the roaming costs (Automatically switch off your Data)
  • Increasing with the safety during commuting by reading your incoming notifications (via Text to Speech) and sending automated responses via email or SMS.
  • Make custom sound and notification profiles.

MacroDroid is available for free on the Google Play Store, but some advanced features require a paid subscription. It is a popular app among Android users who want to simplify their device usage and automate tasks.

1. Select a Trigger

The Trigger macro is the starting signal. MacroDroid offers with the 65 triggers to start your macro, i.e. location based triggers (GPS, cell towers), device status triggers (battery level, app starting or closing), sensor triggers (shaking, light levels) connectivity triggers (Bluetooth, Wifi and notification triggers).

Micros can be activated automatically but it is also possible to create a ticket on the home screen of your Shortcut or unique and customizable microdroid sidebar.

2. Optionally: Configure Constraints

MacroDroid can the automate more than 100 actions. The Connect to your Wifi or Bluetooth device, select volume levels, speak text (like your incoming notifications or current time), start a timer, dim your screen and many more.

3. Select to Actions you like to automate

Interrupts help you fire the micro only when you need it. Live near your work but only want to connect to your company’s Wi-Fi during work days? With a constraint you can choose specific times and days. 


Once you’ve created a macro, you can easily enable or disable it from within the app. You can also organize your macros into folders to keep them organized. MacroDroid app uses Accessibility services. It is a very useful tool to help with disabilities use their device more easily. 

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