How to Hard Reset Android Device Remotely Via SMS

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The description of Eradoo App

Whenever your mobile phone is lost or stolen Or you want to prank any friend And it will allow you to Eradoo wipe all data on your phone without an internet connection Eradoo provides multiple ways to automatically wipe your phone data.

☑️When removing the SIM card ✅When changing the SIM card ✔️When the SIM card is blocked It App is a very powerful security app with unique features To protect privacy and anti-theft And its sole purpose is to protect your privacy and personal data from Intruders and thieves.
Why use Eradoo?
Other similar apps used to wipe phone data remotely As Android Device Manager it mainly relies on internet connection and SMS messages As a result they will fail if your phone is not connected to the internet and the SIM card is removed While it can wipe your phone data even without internet and even if the SIM card is removed Which makes it unique.

Eradoo is a very lightweight Which does not run in the background So it doesn’t consume any resources on your phone and it doesn’t drain your battery And here we remain closed until it is activated by the selected triggered in the settings Eradoo focuses on destroying your data and protecting your privacy as quickly as possible Before a stranger or thief can access your personal information & Secrets. The only thing worse than losing your phone is someone else having access to your secrets and personal data. Like messages, pictures and videos, but don’t worry Eradoo brings an innovative solution with the 99% guarantee. What New Close the keyboard after the unlocking app. Explain the need of Device admin permission to the user.

Eradoo Latest Version Download (Eradoo Pro)


Edit your text messages (SMS or MMS) : Allows you to write to stored SMS messages on your high-name card Malicious apps can delete your messages.

Modify your contacts: This app allows you to edit your contacts data stored on your app including the frequency with which you have interacted with certain contacts by call, email or other means; Apps allows to delete contact data.

Read phone status and identity: This app allows access to phone features in your device It gives you the phone number with permission and device IDs Whether the call is on feature and the report number attached by the call.

Read your contacts: Allows you to read data about your contacts stored on your device including the frequency with which you have interacted with certain people and in other ways.

Eradoo provides you multiple ways to wipe automatically your phone data :

✓ When removing the SIM card

✓ When replacing the SIM card

✓ When the SIM card is blocked

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