GCamator for Android | Google Camera Pixel App

Version:5.0.9File size: 6.9MB
Developer:GranTurismoRequires Android:Android 5.0+
Update:Dec 11, 2022Price:Free Download
Rate stars:3.0Get it on :Google Play Store
App description:

GCamator is an application where you can find the reported Pixel cameras by various devices Every time you open the app Every time you open this app, GCamator will try to find the corresponding Pixel camera for you to visit If you don’t have a app available yet, you can use the button to request it When you press this button, your top model and android will be saved in our database Then we will start finding the relevant pixel camera for you too. The HDR+ (Plus) technology on the makes the quality of the technology even better, especially on low and mid-range phones.

Data safety:

Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data Data privacy and security practices may vary based on your usage region and age And the developer has provided all this information and may update the App from time to time.


List of all functions in GCamator:

Night Sight: Nide Sight is designed for both rear and front cameras to improve in low-light conditions Like night goggles, these will work in dim light where you can’t see much more than your eyes.

Portrait: Portrait mode is linked to the camera and creates a depth of field effect This helps you quickly focus on your subject and take a picture with a blurred scene.

Slow Montion:  In short, it’s a camera that shoots the image at a much higher speed As they will go back when basically doing that many still frames per second and when they go at a normal rate then time seems to move slowly.

Lens Blur: Emulate the swings and tilts of the large format camera to be create blur and draw attention toward a subject and Toggle between and to switch between a linear or elliptical focus. Uses the pinching gesture to alter the size, shape, and rotation of the focus.

Panorama: Panorama mode the allows you to capture for more of the scene by combining all images to create a panoramic photo. More information on the different camera modes are available.

 What is the HDR smartphone?

The name of HDR comes from the English to High Dynamic Range. It is designed to produce a sharp image, This gives a better balance between the light and dark areas of the image to adjust the exposure. Simply put, it’s the range of light and dark tones in your photo Which has a very high dynamic range in the human eye This is the reason why we can see the details in both shadows and highlights It can be difficult for cameras to capture the same amount of detail.


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