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Version: 1.0.94 File size: 21MB
Developer: WhiteboxSRL Requires Android: Android 4.4+
Update: Dec 14, 2022 Price: Free Download
Rate stars: 4.4 Ratings Get it on : Google Play Store

Make your vocabulary that skillful and easy to use with customizable Touch cues and many more features offered by you. You can start making hints at any time It doesn’t matter which app is in the foreground It does not require root access.

With Gesture Suite:

  • You can specify the shape of your gestures that are meaningful to you Not just the default straight line or circle
  • Start drawing them instantly and it doesn’t matter what app you have open at the moment

About Gesture Suite:

The same is the case with the algorithms used to identify the signals It can separate the same shape into different sizes, among other advantages that no one else has. Example: The small S shape triggers action A while big S shape triggers action B. Also you can set the starting zones so you can reuse the same shape depending on where you draw it.

The Gesture Suite which offers about 70 actions Things you can do to make things easier for yourself In which they make their life easier by using them.

  • Custom search engine tool 
  • SMS sender
  • Audio recorder
  • Time-lapse camera
  • Dropbox uploader
  • Flashlight
  • App password protector
  • Launchpad for frequently used apps
  • Screen password protector
  • File Manager
  • Alarm Clock
  • Task Scheduler
  • App launcher
  • Image Gallery

To automate the tasks that make your device settings to control or perform automatically and save time and make your life easier.

You can use:

  • Air gestures: using proximity sensor top 5 different types
  • Shake gestures: using accelerometer sensor (long shake and short shake)
  • Task Scheduler: alarm and countdown type
  • App Watcher: triggered when an app launches or exits
  • Device events: device boot, screen locked etc…
  1. This app is constantly being improved and new features will be added in the future.
  2. This app will not monitor or try to send any kind of data without your knowledge Privacy is paramount.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this thread How App can improve or what works well and what not Features or actions you would like to see added in future updates Or any kind of constructive criticism or feedback in general- If you don’t know this App yet, give it a try.

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