How To Use Battery Sound Notification On Android | Change The Charging Sound | Funny Notification

Version: 2.10 File size: 7.0MB
Developer: Argon Dev Android: Android 5.0+
Update: Dec 26, 2022 Price: Free Download
Rate stars: 4.3 Ratings Get it on: Google Play

About Battery Sound Notification:

There are several battery sound notification apps available for download on various app stores, such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These apps can provide additional customization and features beyond the default battery sound notification settings on your device.


• Battery Full & Low

• Battery Charging & Discharging

• Battery Plugged & Unplugged

• Custom battery percentage %
• Text to speech
• Ringtones
• Notification sound 
• Option to the ignore system audio profile ( vibrate mode, Play sound in silent)
• Option to disable the service during a call
• Easy to use

Battery Alert 40-80%: This app provides notifications when the battery level reaches 40% and 80%, which are considered optimal levels for extending the battery life of your device. It also has customizable sound and vibration alerts for low battery notifications.

Sleep mode: Service suspension interval.

Custom sound notification: You can these choose any audio file.

Persistent service: Background service Autostart on boot and after update.

It’s important to note that some battery sound notification apps may consume additional battery life or may not be compatible with certain devices. It’s recommended to read the app reviews and check the compatibility before downloading any battery sound notification app.

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