Remove Photo Background in Just One Click / Secret App

Version: 4.1.0 File size:  5.40MB
Developer: HandyCloset lnc. Requires Android: Android 5.0+
Update: Aug 22, 2022 Price: Free Download
Rate stars: 4.3 Get it on : Google Play Store


App description:

Background Eraser apps available on various platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. These apps are designed to help users remove the background from images or photos easily and quickly, enabling them to create visually appealing graphics, collages, or simply isolate subjects.

some common features:

  1. Automatic Background Removal: Many apps use AI-powered algorithms to automatically detect the foreground subject and remove the background.
  2. Manual Erasing: Some apps provide users with tools to manually erase the background by brushing or selecting areas to remove.
  3. Background Replacement: After removing the background, some apps offer the option to replace it with a solid color, another image, or various preloaded backgrounds.
  4. Fine-tuning Tools: Advanced apps may offer additional tools to refine the selection edges, adjust transparency, or make other detailed adjustments.
  5. Output Formats: The apps may allow users to save the edited images in different file formats such as PNG or JPEG.
  6. Sharing Options: Users can often share the edited images directly from the app to social media platforms or messaging apps.

Please note that the specific features and availability of Background Eraser apps might have changed since my last update, as new apps are frequently released and existing ones are updated. Always check the latest information to find the most up-to-date options available.

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