Send Commands on Android Wirelessly | Wireless Screenshot Capture with Bugjaeger App

Version:  4.2.2 File size:  13MB
Developer: Roman Sisik Requires Android: Android 4.0+
Update: May 20, 2022 Price: Free Download
Rate stars: 3.9 Ratings Get it on : Google Play Store

Bugjaeger Mobile ADB is an Android application that allows you to connect your Android device to your computer over Wi-Fi using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). The app provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your Android device wirelessly.

With Bugjaeger Mobile ADB, you can perform various tasks such as installing and uninstalling apps, copying files to and from your device, and debugging applications. The app also allows you to view and manage the processes running on your device, and you can execute shell commands directly from the app.

To use Bugjaeger Mobile ADB, you need to have a Wi-Fi network set up on both your computer and Android device, and you need to enable USB debugging on your device. The app provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up the connection between your device and computer.

This app allows you to control a variety of devices that support the ADB protocol. The Android phones and tablets, you should also be able to control your Android TV, Wear OS watch or Android Things OS.

If you are Android developer or enthusiast that is interested in the technical side of the Android Devices, this app might to be suitable for you.

Main features include

  1. Wireless connection: With Bugjaeger Mobile ADB  (Android Debug Bridge) you can connect your Android device to your computer over Wi-Fi without the need for a physical USB cable. This can be helpful when your device is in a different location or room than your computer.
  2. ADB commands: You can use the app to execute ADB commands directly from your Android device. This includes tasks such as installing and uninstalling apps, copying files, and debugging applications.
  3. Shell commands: In addition to ADB commands, you can also execute shell commands directly from the app. This allows you to perform tasks such as changing permissions, modifying system settings, and more.
  4. Process management: The app provides a process manager that allows you to view and manage the processes running on your Android device. You can stop, restart, and monitor processes in real-time.
  5. Root access: If your Android device is rooted, you can access advanced features such as modifying system files, removing bloatware, and more.
  6. Multiple device support: You can connect multiple Android devices to the app simultaneously, and switch between them easily.
  7. Screen capture: You can capture screenshots of your Android device directly from the app, and save them to your computer.
  8. File transfer: You can transfer files between your Android device and computer using the app’s file transfer feature.
  9. Automatic reconnect: If your Android device disconnects from the Wi-Fi network, the app will automatically reconnect once the connection is restored.


  • If you want to connect the target device via USB cable & your phone must support USB host.
  • The target phone must file the usb debugging in the developer options and authorise the development device permission.
  • For the fastboot functionality to work, the connected devices bootloader has to support fastboot protocol.

Please note

This app uses the common method of pairing with an Android device Apps that require permission do not bypass Android’s security mechanisms or anything similar. This also means that the app will not be able to perform some intended functions on non-rooted devices (e.g. removing system apps).

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