Very useful accessible launcher for blind improve smartphone

Version: 1.5 File size: 3.4MB
Developer: vwap Requires Android: Android 5.0+
Update: 2020-08-10 Price: Free Download
Rate stars: 3 + Get it on : Google Play Store

The description of App Launcher Assistant App

Assistant gestures to any app you have on your phone instead of the default Assistant app (bottom-edge-swipe-up/long press ‘home’ button) or Some phones like the Samsung Price can launch the Assistant via button.

Quick Setup —
– Open ‘App Launcher Assistant’
– SELECT the app to be launch via the assistant gesture/button from now on.
– Set App-Launcher-Assistant as the DEFAULT Assistant app on your device (see screenshots).

This is why when you press the Assistant button when you point to the Assistant, the Assistant app you selected will open instead of the default Assistant app.

A good use case for this app
– quickly open the CAMERA and other app with the assistant gesture/button.

Creating shortcuts and hotkeys: Many app launchers allow you to create shortcuts or hotkeys to quickly launch specific apps or perform certain actions.

On most smartphones and tablets, you can use the power button to open apps or perform other actions. The specific actions that the power button can perform will depend on your device.

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